Crimes Against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman

Crimes Against Book Club

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3/5 Millionaires

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Public Service Announcement

Hey guys. I haven’t had my baby, or anything, it’s just taking me forever to read this latest book. Don’t give up on me; I’ll be back soon! Feel free to check out my complete list of reviews to find something that may interest you while you wait.


The Obelisk Gate – NK Jemisin – Broken Earth #2

Obelisk Gate

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5/5 Crystals

“I WANT TO KEEP TELLING THIS as I have: in your mind, in your voice, telling you what to think and know. Do you find this rude? It is, I admit. Selfish. When I speak as just myself, it’s difficult to feel like part of you. It is lonelier. Please; let me continue a bit longer.”

This book is the second in a trilogy.

  1. The Fifth Season – 5/5 Earthquakes
  2. The Obelisk Gate – 5/5 Crystals
  3. The Stone Sky – TBR, but I imagine it’s amazing.

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