You can’t spell HAPPY without a Ha or two.

This is where I will share the jokes that we come up with. My One and Only is funnier than I am, so most of these are credited to him. Note: Jokes in blue are best said out loud.

6-21-15 by S.

Q. What do you call a cow that makes orange juice instead of milk?

A. A Moo-tant!

6-21-15 by S.

Q. Why did the cow kick the goat?

A. Because it was Moo-dy.

6-17-15 by S.

Q. What would a waiter say if you order a Giraffe burger?

A. That’s a tall order!

Older Jokes:

What do you say when you open the fridge and find all your cheese has been shredded? GRATE! (Thought of By S.)

What does a ghost call a long story? A BOO-ook. (Thought of By S.)

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