Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

Amazon | Goodreads

The Shroud of Prophecy Book 1

Fantasy Series | 344 pages

Aaslo grew up with Mathias and they have been best friends since they were babies. They study together, they train together, and sometimes they work together. They are “brothers in all things”. However Aaslo is a Forester, one of the revered folk who tend the forests and help them grow, while Mathias is a noble training to be a Mayor.

When a rider arrives, shot with arrows, it is revealed that Mathias is actually the Chosen One. The only one who can save all of Aldrea (the world) from death. It’s a shame that he dies that same night trying to escape the town with his grandmother.

Aaslo will not let Mathias’ task fall to the wayside, though. They are “brothers in all things” and he will see this through, even if it means leaving the forest, his home behind.

This story was really interesting, and it was really funny! The silly horse, Dolt, especially made me laugh several times. All of the characters (even the horse) feel unique and the story progression feels natural, and yet is full of exciting events.

The story isn’t quite perfect. I found some of the battle scenes hard to imagine and the magic system has not been fully explained. I think that is partly to add mystery of the book. Some of the things that are revealed at the end make the beginning make a lot more sense. I would also like to know what the actual prophesy is, but I guess that would also give too much away.

I really enjoyed this book, and I thought about it a lot even when I didn’t have time to read. I definitely want to continue with the story and find out what happens to this world.

I bought this book as one of recent Book of the Month choices. I am happy to make room on my shelf for it.


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