The Mummy Bloggers

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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hello and Happy New Year!!! This review will be for the FIRST Book I finished reading in 2020 that wasn’t a picture book. (I read at least 9 of those today. ) I read 209 books last year so my 5 year old said I should make a goal of 110 for 2020. My husband said I should choose 120 because of the the “20” but I think he forgets that the more I read the less time I spend with him… in fact he just went to bed without me again and I’m not even reading! 😦

The Mummy Bloggers was as addicting as those mom bloggers are addicted to likes on their facebook/instagram/and blogs.

The book follows 3 mummy bloggers who are nominated for the BlogAhh’s awards in Australia. The award will be based on engagement and follows, and these 3 mums go to extreme measures to gain the number 1 spot.

This book is fascinating, and as a mom and blogger I found it really relatable even though none of the mom’s personalities fit my own. I promise you guys I am NOT that crazy. I do put my phone away and play with my kids. There is not secretly a nanny doing all the homeschool and playing and loving for my kids.

I think I related most to the “Working Mum” because she, at least, was authentic and you could feel how much she cared about her kids.

IF you enjoy social media, or blogs, or reading about parenting, this book will keep you entertained for hours. It was really dramatic.

Now… how do I get 50,000 followers?

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