Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo is haunting and immersive. 5/5

I loved this book! I felt completely immersed in the story, almost like a gray (ghost) following behind Alex everywhere she went. And man, she is a feisty character! At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like her, but she definitely had me rooting for her once I got to know her.

Now, the goodreads description led me to believe this was just a college sorority drama, but I was mislead. This is a ghost story. It is filled with magic and Alex gets her chance at redemption working for the ninth society, whose job is to police the other 8 whose magic can sometimes be harmful.

Some of these things were just plain spooky!

I really enjoyed the story, the atmosphere, the characters and their relations. I loved Alex and her snarky comments and her refusal to give up.

I definitely recommend this one for anyone who loves a good magic, haunting, ghost story.

Read on, my lovely friends!

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