My Grandmother Asked me to tell you she’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman

Fiction | Contemporary

Audiobook | 11 hrs 2 min | read by Joan Walker

I finally finished this audiobook while waiting on the movers to finally deliver my furniture. My furniture was supposed to have arrived Wednesday but when I called to confirm on Tuesday it was still in Wyoming. So Saturday was the big day. Finally. And yes, this is my FIRST post in my beautiful new house. I love it. Love it!

This audiobook took a month a half to listen to because it’s winter and the weather interferes with walking the dogs quite a bit. (It’s dogs because my mom has 2, which means I was walking 3 dogs at the same time. And my dog, Morgan, did NOT like her dog, Sookie, but luckily they walked okay together as long as you kept them separate the rest of the time.)

Now it’s time for the review.

This is a story about a 7-years-old girl named Elsa, who’s only friend is her crazy grandmother. Her grandmother has always been there for her and comforted her with stories of a wondrous place called Miamis. As a knight of Miamis, Elsa must sometimes complete tasks for her Grandmother. The latest task will change Elsa’s perspective about everyone in her life.

I thought this story was told a little strangely. It focuses a lot on the stories her grandmother told Elsa, and a lot of the time the fairytales didn’t seem very well told. To me, it felt like the stories were a really important part of the book but were written like a quick side note.

I don’t know many “nearly 8-years-old”s but Elsa’s behavior and choices didn’t always make a whole lot of sense. Also, the way she treated her neighbors and spoke to people was often times rude. It also bothered me how unsupervised she was… either with her crazy grandma or without. For example, after the funeral… WHERE WERE HER PARENTS?

I meant to say this book is okay, but now that I’m writing the review it sounds more like a book I didn’t like. The book was… strange. If you like quirky, strange, characters then you might actually really like this book.This is actually rated 4.05 on Goodreads so perhaps it’s just me who didn’t like it. For me, it was a bit too unnatural for something based in the real world.

Have you read this book or Fredrik Backman’s other contemporary novel, Britt-Marie was Here?

Britt-Marie actually lives in the same building as Elsa so she showed up frequently in this one.

Backman also wrote the book, A Man Called Ove which I just read is going to be made into a movie with Tom Hanks. Should I give any of these others a try?