Movie Review: Me Before You

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My husband agreed to watch this with me, but only after we went to the store for some beer and rum. He later told me that if he had realized I only finished reading the book 24 hours before, he would have told me to wait a month.

And he is right, you should never watch a movie right after reading the book. The book is too fresh in your mind and all of the little discrepancies that would otherwise not be a big deal or noticeable will drive you crazy.

The story is the same as the book. Ordinary Louisa Clark gets a job taking care of cranky Will Traynor who is quadriplegic and depressed. She does her best to cheer him up and show him that life is not so bad.

This movie has some really cool people in it. My favorite is Louisa, portrayed by Kaleesi from Game of Thrones. I don’t remember her characters real name, but she is the white-haired mother of dragons. If my husband hadn’t pointed this out to me, there is a chance I would not have known because Louisa is dark-haired and almost meek by comparison.

Also her sister, Treena, is played by Dr. Who’s assistant from seasons 9 and 10. I really like her as an actress but the character actually seemed very similar to her character on Dr. Who.

One of the annoying little differences was the relationship between these two sisters. In the book, they love each other, but they also have a hard time getting along. In the movie they are best of friends.

Slight spoiler alert: I think the chemistry between Louisa and Will was not as loving as it was in the book. But the book has more time and opportunity to grow and show the love and respect the characters felt for each other in the end.

I did not cry in the movie, but I did cry in the book.

I think I would have really enjoyed the movie, had I not just finished reading the book.