Berry Scones – Yummy!

Oh my gosh, you guys need to try these scones! They are so buttery and delicious and amazing and heavenly.

I made mine with frozen mixed berries (slightly defrosted), and I also froze and grated the butter instead of cutting it in like it says in the recipe.

I’m not lying when I say they are one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in a long time!



Book Review: Cooking For Two by American Test Kitchen

I know I say I’m going to review recipes somewhere on this website, but that is hard to do when I can’t share them with you. Most of the new recipes I try come from one amazing source, The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook by American Test Kitchen.


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New Grilled Cheese

I’m going to pretend it’s not two years later and hop right in.

Plain Grilled cheese involves butter or substitute spread on toast. With butter facing out and American cheese in the middle, fry in frying pan until golden brown and delicious. 

Now for the additions:

Brussel sprouts! I sautéed these in butter until softened and added salt and pepper for taste. Then I piled them on top of the cheese and grilled the sandwich. If you like brussel sprouts then you will like the sandwich. If you don’t, then I hope you have better manners than my 1 year old who promptly threw it on the ground.

The third and final grilled cheese is made with Salami. The quality of the meat definitely impacts the flavor of this sandwich, but again… if you like salami you will enjoy the sandwich. Just place on cheese and grill normally.