The Anmorian Legends by D.N. Pillay

This is book 1 in a story that spans across the galaxies and follows a young mage who starts the story as a slave but is soon told it is his destiny to become the strongest war mage, and the only one who would be capable of destroying the evil that has run amok for the last few centuries.

I received this book directly from the author, but all opinions are my own.

I thought the magic, the different worlds, the history, and the war were all thought out very well. I found the battles to be fascinating.

Sometimes the pacing of the story felt a little slow, especially towards the beginning of the book. Also, the story telling wasn’t always consistent. You spend most of the book from Rezaraan’s (the main character’s) perspective, but later the author throws in some other viewpoints. The epilogue is in first person but the whole of the story was in third person.

The characters and romance felt a little flat. At first I did not care for Rezaraan, but he did grow on me. He was just too perfect, too kind, too smart, too strong from the start; but it did make me mad when the inevitable fall from glory occurred. Mostly I was mad because it was such a contradiction of his character prior to that point. The transition was not smooth and therefor not as believable.

Overall though, I was very glad to experience this story. The creative worlds, aliens, and magic system make this good versus evil story well worth picking up.

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Next up: I’ll be reading From Dead to Worse (book 8 in the Sookie Stackhouse series) or Rebecca which is, according to the cover, one of the best loved books of all time. I also have a bunch of lovely books that I have read but not reviewed, so I may surprise you yet!

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