Aurora, Aurora, How’re ya?

Both of these stories featured a character named Aurora and I just happened to read them back to back. It’s a few weeks later now and I just don’t know which story I liked better. They were both really awesome!

Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

Science Fiction / 402 pages / Goodreads

Early Riser takes place in a version of Earth where the winters are so cold that the humans hibernate and grow furry…. like bears. There is a small part of the population that does not hibernate and of course those people need someone to watch over them.

When Charlie Worthing joins the “Winter Consuls” she discovers that many things in winter can kill you. If it’s not the cold, the loneliness, it might be the nightwalkers, the Wintervolk, the viral dreams, or just the crazy people in your district.

This book was full of twists and turns and surprises and I really enjoyed each and every character… even the bad ones. Maybe, especially, the bad the ones. I won’t tell you which side Aurora falls on. This book was really engaging and had me wondering about it constantly. It was definitely an interesting reading experience.

Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Science Fiction / 470 pages / Goodreads

This book follows a team of “unwanted” space cadets who get sent on a simple mission that goes all kinds of wrong when they discover that Aurora is a stow away on their cargo ship. Aurora had recently been found hibernating on 200 year old ship that left earth but never arrived at its destination. She was the only survivor…

This book was quite an adventure and the dynamic between the characters was hilarious and beautiful. This story gripped you and didn’t let you go. This story even caused me strange dreams at least twice.

The story is told from the perspective of all the team members and 95% of the time I could tell who was narrating. Even though most of the characters were quite sarcastic, they were still distinct. The villain was extremely creepy, although I was not surprised by who it was.

This was my first Amie and Jay book. I’ve never read anything by Amy before but I did read Nevernight and I liked Aurora Rising even more.

Both of these books were great and I highly recommend them!

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