Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

These two books take place in the same world as the Vorkosigan Saga but do not involve any of the main characters from the first two books.

I have been reading the books in publishing order as shown below; however the books can be read in many different orders as I found out at the end of Falling Free. Each book is fairly stand-alone but sometimes the characters and story lines run tangent to each other. I think going forward I will try to follow the author’s suggested reading order.

  1. Shards of Honor – Review – 4/5
  2. The Warrior’s Apprentice – Review – 5/5
  3. Ethan of Athos – Review – 4/5
  4. Falling Free – Review – 4/5

Ethan of Athos

Athos is a planet where only men are allowed. They believe that women are evil and dangerous. Ethan is a doctor in the planned parenthood clinic growing and delivering babies from the incubators. However, the planet is running out of egg cells from which to grow the babies so Ethan is sent off planet to search out a vendor to fill the need.

He has never seen a woman before, and the first one he meets does indeed land him in a world of trouble. For some strange reason, powerful people now think he is a secret agent…

This book was a really great science fiction adventure. It was really well paced, and covered all the emotions on the spectrum. It was a decent length. It had really memorable characters with realistic decision making and actions.

You do not have to read any of the other books in the saga to enjoy this one!

Falling Free

This book takes place a few hundred years before The Warrior’s Apprentice. It is about an engineer, Leo, who gets a teaching post on a space habitat to train the genetically engineered beings who live and work there. These “people” have 4 arms instead of our usual 2 arms and 2 legs.

Leo becomes emotionally attached to these “quaddies” and feels that their way of life resembles slavery a bit too much for comfort. But, what can one man do?

This book addressed some interesting moral question, and even though a lot of the characters don’t resemble us they are still very relatable. I enjoyed this book. It works well as a stand-alone science fiction story about love, humanity, slavery, and hope.

If you enjoy science fiction, space sagas, or similar books, then I highly recommend these books to you.

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