Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence

Fantasy | Series Book 3 of 3

368 pages

The Series

  1. Red Sister – 5/5 – Review
  2. Grey Sister – 4/5 – Review
  3. Bound (Short story) 5/5
  4. Holy Sister – 5/5

At the end of book 2 Nona Grey, the young nun training to be an assassin, found herself once again surrounded by enemies on all sides and is driven by a powerful need to protect her friends. Book 3, Holy Sister, is told in 2 perspectives: 3 years after and during the escape.

Bound, the short story, takes place in between those time periods and should be read before you read book 3. It is definitely worth including in your lineup.

I enjoyed both the short story and the final book.

The short story was cute and showed a different insight into some of the characters. I especially enjoyed the parts told from Arabella’s perspective.

Holy Sister had me on the edge of my seat for the whole book. The timing between the future and past perspectives was perfect. It found the right balance of needing to know more without letting me get cranky about it.

Things get crazy in this book, but this is what it has all been building toward and it was so worth it. Nona Grey goes all out and in the end she really surprised me.

I loved it, really and truly!

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