The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Fantasy / Magician / Series (1 of 4)
226 pages

Book Review

Ceony Twill is disappointed when she finds out that she will be studying paper magic after completing magic school at the top of her class. She thinks paper will be boring and useless, but she is about to embark on an adventure she never dreamed of.

I really liked the magic in this book. I liked Ceony and Mg. Thane, and while they didn’t change a whole lot over the course of the book, their banter was amusing and their back stories are interesting. 

I think the reason this book is rated only a 3.64 on Goodreads is because you spend the majority of the book going through an ever changing landscape of hopes, memories, doubts, and fears. The constant movement gets a teensy bit annoying and I do wish there had been less of that and perhaps more time spent on the buildup and training of Ceony.

I plan on continuing to read this series. I am curious about where the story will go next. 

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Personal Complaint about Sensitive Teeth

Molar said to Canine in a huff, “How dare you?! I am NOT fat!”

Canine replies, “Gee, I didn’t think you be so sensitive…”

Since moving to Texas we have gone to Starbucks about twice a week. Also since moving to Texas, I started experiencing more frequent sensitive teeth. My teeth had been doing pretty well since I started making my own toothpaste. (baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint oil) I had been using it for over a month with no problems, and then we moved to Texas.

I was worried that maybe the homemade toothpaste wasn’t as good for my teeth as I thought, so I started using my husband’s Sensodyne instead. That tooth stopped hurting, but then a new tooth started hurting almost immediately afterwards. Then it stopped hurting for a few days.

For the first time this week I ordered my usual pick-me up from Starbucks, the London Fog. As soon as I had drunk every last drop I could feel my tooth being sensitive again and later when I tried to drink something cold the ache came by to visit.

My conclusion is that the sweet syrup in my favorite drink is causing the tooth ache and that homemade toothpaste is probably fine. So now I have to stop going to Starbucks… at least for a while.

Do you have sensitive teeth and/or a Starbucks addiction? Comment below!!

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