Five Quotes Friday

This is where I share my favorite quotes from the things I have recently read, or am currently reading.

All of the quotes are from my ARC version of Jane Yolen’s How to Fracture a Fairy Tale. Click the link to be taken to my review.

And while a story with Death might be true, a story with a king in it is always a fairy tale.

Godmother Death by Jane Yolen

This quote is not only catchy, it feels true to me. Kings are a thing of the past or make believe, and even the histories are sometimes hard to believe.

Miss Nancy’s stories had always ended happy-ever-after. But she used to add every time, “Still you must make your own happiness, Summer dear.”

Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen

That is a good moral. Fairy tales are make-believe and there will be no handsome prince to whisk you away to happily-ever-after. That’s because my husband was the very last Prince Charming and I’m not letting him get away.

Moral: Let sleeping princesses lie or lying princesses sleep. Whichever seems wisest.

Sleeping Ugly by Jane Yolen

A moral to live by!

“It is true that the word history contains the word ‘story’ “, said mother dragon, “but that is the only thing I will admit.”

Great-Grandfather Dragon’s Tale by Jane Yolen

We’ve all heard this said one way or another, but I still like it!

But we can do this:

memorialize you in a lyric,

he’s so vain, he knows this song

this poem, this character’s about him.

Name me an artist, I will show you

Vengeance one song, one poem, one novel

at a time.

“To be Paid” by Jane Yolen

This is a poem that Jane wrote and included at the end of the book. I admit, I was struggling to find a fifth quote by then, but I did like this poem about artists using their medium to express their displeasure when they are mistreated by others.

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