The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

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What is it about?

Leni Allbright’s father has the bright idea of moving to Alaska in 1974. Her father always has crazy ideas and her mom and Leni must do their best to keep him happy and go along with it. Since he came back from the Vietnam war, Leni’s father is quick to drink and quick to anger. And while the people of Alaska are generous and kind, the land is harsh and challenging. Coming to Alaska unprepared can make or break the most sane people…

Was it good?

I’m so torn up about what to rate this book! 4? 5? 4.5?

This book gave me so much anxiety because Kristin Hannah is a master at slowly building that tension. At every page turn I just kept thinking… he’s going to snap… something crazy’s going to happen…. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN?

I was so emotionally involved in the first 90% of the book, but apparently my pet peeve is books that will not end. The last several chapters just felt like all of them were separate epilogues, and although one of them did make me cry I felt like the story had already concluded. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t give this book a full 5/5. I know! I’ll give it 4.9.

Have you ever been to Alaska?

Comment below if you’ve gotten to experience this amazing place or if you want to go!

We visited once on an Alaskan cruise so we only got to touch the very touristy part of it, but it was beautiful. My favorite excursion was the lumberjack show.

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