Five Quotes Friday: 10/19/18

Five Quotes Friday

Where I share my favorite quotes from the things I have recently read, or am currently reading.

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d by Alan Bradley

I was fibbing, of course. How could I tell Clarence that finding another dead body was anything but dreadful? On the contrary. It was thrilling; it was exciting; it was exhilarating; it was invigorating; to say nothing of electrifying and above all, satisfying.

How could I tell the dear man that murder made me feel so gloriously alive? “

Unmentionable by Therese Oneill

Corsets aren’t that bad. They don’t haveto be tightened to the point of spleen displacement. They can function as legitimate support garments, holding up your bosoms, perhaps even putting off the inevitable day when they will lie exhausted and battle-worn against your belly, flapping like tired little beaver tails with every step you take.”

The Mermaid by Christina Henry

Freedom was far more intoxicating than safety could ever be.”

Do not mistake the revelation of my body for the revelation of my heart. My heart keeps its own secrets, and they don’t belong to you or anyone else just because you’ve seen me with a fish tail.”

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