The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

clockwork princess

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Fantasy Series ( 3 of 3 )


The Infernal Devices

  1. Clockwork Angel  – 4/5
  2. Clockwork Prince – 4/5
  3. Clockwork Princess – 3/5

What is it about?

This is the third and final book about Tessa, Jem, Will, and the Shadow-hunter’s fight against Mortmain and his clockwork army.

Was it good?

I was hesitant to write this review because there are so many people out there that absolutely loved this book. The Goodreads rating is a beautiful 4.59! Unfortunately, it didn’t do it for me.

This book and in retrospect the whole series felt like a rollercoaster ride. You wait in line for hours and then it’s over in just a few minutes. And at the end of the little scene were all the action is resolved I was left wondering, “Why didn’t they just do that earlier?”

Also, the love triangle thing was just too much of a focal point of the story for me. The majority of the book was just anguish and drama related to Tessa’s two great loves.

Still, if you have been considering reading this trilogy, then you should definitely do so. I think it was worth my time and energy and I am overall glad that I read it.

A note to the publisher:

Dear Walker Books, LTD,

Please do not inlcude attractive advertisements for future books in a series that contain spoilers. It kind of ruins the current series and makes it less exciting to read. Thank you for your time. 



(There was a distracting advertisement at the back of book 2. I don’t remember what the series was called, It may have been the Dark Artifices but it mentioned “Tessa & ______ and their children”. )


Should I go on to read the Mortal Instruments or Dark Artifices series? Have you read either or both of these series? 

I do like Cassandra Clare’s writing. It’s very quick and easy to read. You may have noticed, too, that I like a lot of quotes from these books. I may make time for this when I finish Mistborn. I also want to catch up on Throne of Glass since the new book is coming out soon.

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