Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik


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Fantasy (Stand Alone!!!)

4/5 Acorns

What is it about?

Miryem’s father is a money-lender, but he is too passive to collect any of the payments that are due. Miryem takes over the collecting business when her mother gets sick and there isn’t enough wood for the fireplace or food for the table. She finds that she is surprising good at it, and she’s also good at trading goods in nearby towns. When the Winter King overhears her bragging about turning silver into gold he decides to make her prove it or regret it.

Meanwhile, the winters have been getting longer and harder for the last seven years. It’s up to Miryem to find a way to stop the Winter King from taking everything she loves including her spring and summers.

Was it good?

I thought the story was absolutely fascinating. I really liked the three main women characters, but I think some of the other perspectives didn’t always enhance the story. Personally I could have done without Stepon or Mirnatius, since most of their story could have been told from the girl’s perspective.

The perspectives change frequently. There is always a little symbol but it doesn’t tell you who is telling the story now, but it was usually easy to figure out.

Did this story remind you of the Bear and the Nightingale?

The winter king, the unattractive but clever heroine(s), the Russia, the snowy landscape, the evil demon trying to eat your soul? I enjoyed both stories very much and the actual stories are quite different from each other; so if you’re really digging the winter theme while it’s 90 or 100 degrees outside, you should keep reading.


It’s really great that this is a one book story. It’s so nice to be able to start and finish something in one book, and I honestly think the author did a great job about telling the story without skipping anything important or dragging anything out. It was the perfect length of well told story.

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