The Professor by Robert Bailey

The Professor

Amazon | Goodreads

Legal Thriller | Series Book 1

5/5 Bulldogs

What is it about?

The Professor wrote the book on evidence in the state of Alabama. He has been teaching evidence and mock trial at the university of Alabama for 40 years when a friend from that long ago asks him for help filing a lawsuit against a trucking company. But it’s not all discovery and depositions because the president of the company has an objection to being sued.

Was it good?

Yes. It was SO good! All of the characters felt real and I loved all of them, unless I hated them because they deserved it. While the story followed the traditional legal thriller pattern, there were still a few surprises in it. Also, this book fueled my dreams and nightmares from the first 6 am baby feeding to a few days after I finished it. I keep thinking I’m still reading it because I’m not ready to let go.

If you like legal thrillers or mysteries, you will really like this one!


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