The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (Kingkiller Chronicles)

Name of the Wind

Amazon | Goodreads

Fantasy Trilogy: Book 1 of 3

5/5 Arcanists

What is it about?

With a series title like “The Kingkiller Chronicles”, I went into this expecting a rollicking adventure story that involved at least killing one king. This is not that kind of story, or at least it isn’t that kind of story yet. Book 1 tells the tale of a young Arcanist (magician) named Kvothe as he starts on his journey to becoming the man who would one day become the Kingkiller promised to us.

That’s not to say his story is boring, in fact it was brilliant. Kvothe as a character just feels so natural and I was invested in the story from the start. It made me feel all the emotions on the spectrum and kept me awake while feeding the baby late in the night.

I also enjoyed the descriptions of Kvothe’s hands as my new little angel has long fingers that I can only imagine would be perfect for casting “sympathy” or magic…

I would prefer magic or music to thievery, at least.


Also, be aware that book 3 has been a long time coming and still does not have a promised release date. Hopefully that means when it does finally get published it will be amazing. (Book 2 came out in 2011.)


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