Dead Eye – Alyssa Day – Tiger’s Eye Mystery (#1)

Dead Eye

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What is it about?

If Sookie Stackhouse and Stephanie Plum had a baby, it would probably be Tess. Tess is a cute, somewhat clumsy, part owner of a pawn shop in Dead End, Florida. She inherited the shop from her boss and friend Jeremiah after he was murdered and dumped at the pawn shop. 6 months later his nephew Jack finally comes to town and not soon after another body is dumped at the pawn shop. Jack and Tess work together to figure out what really happened to his uncle.

It may be good to know that Jack is also a tiger shape shifter.

Was it good?

Yes. This book was so much fun to read! It’s about as light-hearted as a murder mystery can get and still be creepy. There are elements of romance, fantasy, and mystery. At 210 pages it is a quick, fun, read that you should sneak in between your massive fantasy tomes that you normally read. It’s one of those books that can really help you appreciate and remember that reading should be fun.

I especially enjoyed the banter in this book. The character Tess is really quite funny.

The only thing that really annoyed me was when she said that croutons are bread’s evil cousin. That’s not something I can agree with. I love bread. I don’t often eat salads, but when I do the croutons are an important part of it.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 



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