The General & The Visitor by Billing and Brooks

The General

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4/5 Lives

What is it?

This is 2 short stories that are being sold together to support a retirement home in the UK. Both of the authors really want to enrich the experience of the poor souls trapped in the home due to lack of funding for outside activities.

The General is about a general following the orders of his king when the army is attacked in the forest. The author describes this as a high fantasy story, but I would also describe it as existentialist and military in nature.

The Visitor is about a young man who has been moping through life for the past few months. On this day he is visiting his grandfather in his nursing home and is forced to address his attitude toward life.

Was it good?

Both of the stories were very interesting and well written. The whole compilation is a little over 50 pages, but the authors manage to capture two whole worlds in that amount of space. I don’t normally read short stories, but I did enjoy these. You can feel good about yourself when you buy this because you are helping bring joy to the lives of many people. Learn more about the charity here.


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