The Fifth Season (Broken Earth #1) by N.K. Jemisin

fifth season

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5/5 Earthquakes

What is it about?

The people became what Father Earth needed, and then more than He needed. Then we turned on Him, and He has burned with hatred for us ever since.

The book is about the end of the world. This is a world that has always suffered many catastrophes, such as earth quakes and volcanic eruptions, that cause excessively long winters leading to the deaths of civilizations. The Sanzed have survived many of these “fifth” seasons and have gained power and success by using the power of people called Orogenes whom they have practically enslaved. Orogenes have the ability to control the earth and quell the majority of shakes.

This book follows 3 orogene perspectives, 2 from before and one from after the end of the world.

Was it good?

This book is so interesting! The world was immersive, creative, and scary. The characters were intriguing and engaging.

There were three perspectives in this book. 2 of them were third person he said\she said, but one perspective was 2nd person. I was fascinated by the telling of this perspective; the narrator telling me what I was doing and feeling. It really made me feel like I was the story.

I also love a world that is so in-depth and thought out that they have their own rusting foul language.

This book was seriously great!

I read and enjoyed Jemisin’s Dreamblood series which has its own unique magical world, but I would recommend The Fifth Season over Dreamblood if you are forced to choose between the two for some crazy reason.  Which of her books would you recommend?


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