Dr. Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards

Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man

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Some background info:

I like Dr. Who, but I’m not a super fan. I’ve only ever watched the “New Dr. Who” which started in 2005. While I have seen every episode, I haven’t seen most of the in between movies. So while I would not make the best Dr. Who Trivia Night team member, I do enjoy the show. It makes me happy to watch it. This book made me happy to read it.

What is it about?

The Doctor and Rose travel to 1920’s London to visit the European Exhibition thing going on. Of course, they get side tracked when they notice someone being attacked…by a humanoid made out of metal. Then the TARDIS goes missing, so they must solve the mysteries and save the world.

This is book 1 of the NEW Dr. Who series, which last I checked had 66 books to it.

Was it good?

I really enjoyed this book. It felt like an episode of Dr. Who. I think you have to be familiar with the characters because there isn’t a whole lot of character building and background, but other than that it is a fun adventure!

Do you like Dr. Who? 

The Reading Quest

This book completed the TV adaptions quest and allowed me to finish the KNIGHT line of quests. If I am not mistaken you get a bonus of 50 XP for completing the quest line. I also received 10 XP for reading the book, and 26 HP because it was 256 pages.

Character Sheetreading-quest-board1I’m not going to finish any more books for this before September 10th, so that summarizes my Reading Quest. I may need to do an actual summary post, but I will have to check the rules.

The second oldest book on my TBR (To Be Read) list was Stephen Baxter’s Voyage, which is nearly 800 pages and will take me a while to read. This has been on my list since July 5, 2016 and means I am falling very far behind on my list (which has 133 books on it!)

The first oldest book on my TBR is “The Olympian Affair” which is book two to the Cinder Spire series by Jim Butcher. The first book was SERIOUSLY good but there does not appear to be a release date on the second one yet. =(

I usually try to read my books in FIFO (First in First Out) order so it was REALLY nice doing this reading quest which encouraged me pick and choose more carefully.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards

      1. Sorry! When I say new, I meant the last doctor. I’ve been saying new for years now, hahaha. I really realllllyyyy need to catch up woops!


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