BigLaw by Lindsay Cameron


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What is it about?

Mackenzie is a second year associate at a big law firm. For her, that means working 100+ hours a week. Barely, having enough time to eat, sleep, and shower, is it any wonder that it feels like the lawyers are doing their best to torture her?

Was it good?

I loved this book. It was really interesting and fast paced from cover to cover. There were a few editing issues, such as when Mackenzie had 10 days worth of candy in her luggage but was only gone for 5 days. Other than a few places where the times didn’t quite match up, it was a super fun read.

I was lucky that when I was a tax accountant I was at a medium sized firm that valued their employee’s sanity. I did hear of some of my classmates working 100+ hours at the big firms, and being miserable. Most of them left after 2 years. I was glad then that I was not “chosen” to work there, and am even more glad after reading this book. Before I met my husband, I did have a crazy inclination to go all out with work because I had nothing else I really cared about, but your job should not be your life because that does not leave a lot of room for happiness.

What I am trying to say is that I can believe the crazy people that are working in BigLaw and the drive that makes you stay and put up with all the abuse.



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