Fantastic Friday

Can you believe it’s Friday already? This week has just blown by!

5 Reasons life is awesome:

1. Our neighbor brought us Thank You cookies for the cookies we made to introduce ourselves to them. They are quite good. I’m almost tempted to bake Thank you for Thanking me cookies, but I’m afraid the cycle would never end. Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

2. I have the most polite toddler in the world. His daddy taught him to sign “please”, and he uses it almost exclusively. Please help me onto the couch. Please feed me. Please hand me that book. Please hand me that book again. Please hand me that book again, and I will love you forever. These are just a few of the messages I receive when he signs please.

3. The way he signs please is most adorable and involves his whole body. The actual sign is just rubbing your open hand in a circle on your chest, but for Little Man this is more like moving his body in a circle in front of his hand. He almost fell off the toilet earlier.

4. It’s raining. Of course I did water the lawn this morning, but nonetheless I am happy it is raining. It almost never rains here in Seattle. (Hah! You think I am being sarcastic, but you just check the weather!)

5. This weekend we are going to one of those Brazilian churrascura places where they walk around with meat on swords and you can eat as much as you can eat. Clearly, I don’t know what they are really called, but they are delicious and amazing, and a place worth looking forward too.

I hope you guys had a wonderful week too!

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