Thank You

Dear diary,

Today started off kind of rough, but it sure ended nicely! I had my usual troubles with the USCIS, as in they forgot to tell me my interview was cancelled. Luckily after crying and waiting for 3 hours they were able to get me in for an interview after all. I aced the test. The interviewer, who was funny and easy-going, told me I was trying too hard. I’m glad I had such a nice interview, it makes the whole terrible process not look as bad. I want to tell you all about it one day soon.

So I am now an almost citizen of the grand ole United States of America. And the best part is, someone paid for our dinner when we went out to celebrate. I think the nice person/people thought Little Man was too cute.

Thank you to my One and Only for helping me study the history section of the citizenship test.

Thank you to my One and Only for helping me by staying home with Little Man today. I’m glad he napped for 4 hours so you could get some work done.

Thank you to the anonymous person/people for buying us dinner for no reason. We really appreciate it!

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