Mega blocks art

I had a burst of creative genius and I made this beautiful giraffe.

There was also an elephant, but Little Man took it apart before I could get a picture. 


Thank You

Dear diary,

Today started off kind of rough, but it sure ended nicely! I had my usual troubles with the USCIS, as in they forgot to tell me my interview was cancelled. Luckily after crying and waiting for 3 hours they were able to get me in for an interview after all. I aced the test. The interviewer, who was funny and easy-going, told me I was trying too hard. I’m glad I had such a nice interview, it makes the whole terrible process not look as bad. I want to tell you all about it one day soon.

So I am now an almost citizen of the grand ole United States of America. And the best part is, someone paid for our dinner when we went out to celebrate. I think the nice person/people thought Little Man was too cute.

Thank you to my One and Only for helping me study the history section of the citizenship test.

Thank you to my One and Only for helping me by staying home with Little Man today. I’m glad he napped for 4 hours so you could get some work done.

Thank you to the anonymous person/people for buying us dinner for no reason. We really appreciate it!

Brain, you let me forget why I was here!

In my very first blog post on June 16th, 2015, I laid out some goals for myself.

I was supposed to take the time to write, and in so doing determine if writing is helping my brain be less forgetful.

It has been a month, and I do not believe there has been any change in my capacity for remembering things. I must confess, however, that this is entirely to me ‘forgetting’ about my experiment.

I simply haven’t taken the time to write anything besides these blog posts, and one unsatisfactory children’s book, nor have I done any puzzles. The only brain stimulation I’ve consistently worked on is our weekly German studies.

I will try harder to do better this month.

I’m going to go do a crossword puzzle right now. [I have a crossword puzzle book that I’ve been using off and on since I was in 9th grade, it’s so old!].

Fantastic Friday!

Five reasons life is wonderful:

1. Little man has begun making his first animal impression.Yesterday afternoon he ran around for at least an hour going “Hrggggh” “Hrgggghhhhh”, which is his interpretation of a donkey.

2. We got to go on a beautiful walk with our friends in the park today, and the day is wonderful, sunny, and beautiful. It’s great getting to live so close to friends now, I don’t have to worry about traffic on the way home! Before we moved coming home would take an hour, now it takes 5 minutes.

3. I felt nauseous earlier. This a good thing because according to the Mayo Clinic, women who feel nauseous during their pregnancy are less likely to experience big problems. I like to think of it as E. saying “Hi! I’m still here, don’t forget about me!”

4. I FINALLY finished reading the book I’ve been reading the last two weeks. That’s all I will say because this is a happy post and I will share my thoughts with you later.

5. My mom bought me pretty much everything on my amazon wish list for my birthday because she wants to keep my busy. I think she’s happy to be a grandma. (again). I received 3 Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbooks, a pot with steamer insert, and a Flavia De Luce novel (these books are adorable).

I’ve been slacking a bit with my new years resolution these last few weeks, but I need to get back into it. I think I am still ahead for the year because most of the weeks I went above and beyond.

The resolution was this: To try one new recipe a week (and expand my food horizons by trying new foods).

I hope your Friday was fantastic, too!